YouTube Shorts just got even easier to create

YouTube Shorts just got even easier to create

Aug 2022
Connie Rose, Cooper Parsons

We've all heard of YouTube Shorts by now. These short-form videos are now watched by over 1.5 billion users monthly worldwide, compared to TikTok's 1 billion monthly users. If you want tips on how to use this part of the YouTube platform you can read our blog posts all about it here.

Unlike other short-form content platforms, YouTube Shorts is all about driving viewers to your longer-form videos. But creating these Shorts on top of the longer form content, can be a tedious task, until now... YouTube have introduced a new tool that makes it easier to convert your already existing YouTube videos into a Short all within the YouTube app.

How to use the new feature

If you have just uploaded a full video or previously uploaded on your channel, you can bring a clip into the Shorts editor directly from the YouTube app on iOS or Android. Just click Create and the following options will appear:

> Edit into a Short – Option only available to you
> Sound – Use the sound from this video
> Cut – Use a segment from this video
> Green Screen – Use this video as a background

Click 'Edit into a Short'

You select part of the video (15 or 60 Seconds) and capture any additional video you might want to add in with the Shorts camera / upload more from your phone's gallery. To shoot or add a gallery video, you’ll need to hit the back arrow once in the editing screen after you’ve chosen your video segment.

Your edited Short!

How will this help artists

Whilst short-form content is flying, there is still a desire for longer-form content. By YouTube championing both of these and making their creation as easy as possible, you as an artist can benefit greatly by the ease of this process.

The finished Short will automatically link to the full video it was clipped from, shortening the process for you and making navigation easier for the viewer. - they can simply click on the video and be taken straight to it. This means that this new feature makes it easier for people watching your shorts to find your longer-form videos and if these are monetised it'll give you more chance to earn that bit of cash.

While it probably won’t completely replace more traditional video editing software when it comes to creating Shorts (like in an instance where a creator wants to splice together multiple clips from the same video), it could encourage creators to take a look at their back catalog and see if there’s anything that would work well as a Short.

So get creating!