Enter Stage Right; TikTok Music

Enter Stage Right; TikTok Music

Dec 2023
Oliver Shute

The app that has been so successful at bringing the masses DIY short-form videos from all around the globe has now unveiled a new music streaming service. Enter stage right; TikTok Music.

The new app is readily rolled out in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore for testing as of October 19, after debuting in Indonesia and Brazil earlier in the month. It’s subscription-based but offers a one month free trial.

According to the official website, “TikTok Music is a music streaming platform that brings you new ways to listen. Stream your favourite music from TikTok and discover new and emerging artists. Explore the unique community features that help you express yourself and connect with fellow music lovers.”

The app is standalone, but can be paired with a standard TikTok account, allowing you to discover music more intuitively while you scroll through your feed. As a user, you’re able to import your own music library, share your favourite songs with the TikTok community, download to enable offline listening, create and collab on playlists, view and search based on lyrics, and even make use of a Shazam-esque feature that picks up on songs playing nearby. 

TikTok already has a track record for making songs go viral. Whether it’s a sped-up rendition of an 80’s classic, a fresh new track from an emerging artist, or even that one Pinegrove song that inspired the shuffle we know and love - this company knows what it’s doing when it comes to keeping an audience engaged. It only makes sense that they would want to compete with the other big names in the music streaming industry.