Twitter is now 'X'??

Twitter is now 'X'??

Aug 2023
Oliver Shute

If you’ve kept your eyes and ears on the news floating around, you’ll know that tech billionaire Elon Musk bought out Twitter in October last year, and has seemingly been running it into the ground ever since. 

Musk’s latest stunt involves the desecration of Twitter’s beloved blue bird logo, as well as the name of the company itself; which has become such an integral part of its users’ experience over the years. The term ‘tweet’ has been synonymous with the media company over its lifetime, and will be sorely missed now that it’s essentially redundant.

Twitter is now ‘X’, as of July 23rd. A stylised ‘X’ can be seen on the website (, and scattered all over the San Francisco headquarters. From conference rooms, to the cafeteria, to the exterior of the building; workers replaced the six-letter signifier and big blue bird. The San Francisco Police Department had to stop workers from removing the sign on the side of the building as it was considered “unauthorised work”.

The changeover from Twitter to ‘X’ has been in the making for quite some time now. Elon Musk’s long-term plan is to create an “everything app”, which will contain not just social networking, but also shopping and even banking services. 

Though this is by far the most notable change to the app since the takeover in October last year, the time spent in-between has been all but quiet. Thousands of employees have been sacked, site features have been toyed with, and now the iconic brand itself has been altered beyond recognition.

What will happen next in the ever-changing Twitter (or should I say 'X') saga??