Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Email Marketing

Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Email Marketing

Opinion Piece
Oct 2022
Emma Olrik, Connie Rose

With the rise in social media, it’s easy for old fashioned email marketing to fall by the wayside. But to underestimate its power would be a mistake - it is an essential tool that helps to drive traffic, awareness, sales and most importantly, desire from your fans. Read on for its key benefits and best practices.

Owning your data to reach your fans

Whilst Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are great at expanding your reach in general, they are also very over-saturated. This can mean that a fraction of your fanbase is actually seeing your social media posts organically. Email marketing gives you the ultimate control over the conversation that you’re having with your fans. It allows you to be more direct and personal, without any third party controlling who does or doesn’t see your message. 

Take Facebook’s Business Manager changing after artists had spent years cultivating their following and now they have to pay to reach new fans or retarget the interested ones. With the new Instagram updates, you don’t even know if your posts will ever reach your fan’s feeds. 

Fan relationships

Email marketing also helps to strengthen your dedicated fanbase. We know that getting your music to be heard by as many people as possible is important, but it’s equally as important to keep your current fans engaged and coming back for more. Email marketing gives you room to make your fans feel special with your targeted content. For example, you can offer them exclusive early access to new music and merch. 

So as Adam Farrell said, “Social is critical, but email is essential” if you want to own that data and really build lasting relationships with your fans.