What is the new TikTok Music platform, Resso?

What is the new TikTok Music platform, Resso?

Sep 2022
Connie Rose

Just when you thought TikTok couldn't take over any more, they've now started to give Apple Music and Spotify a run for their money. The latest TikTok development is that their parent company, ByteDance, have introduced a streaming platform called 'Resso'. With TikTok already used by many users as a music discovery tool, introducing music listening into their offering is the perfect move.

What is Resso?

TikTok has made their platform so it takes streaming services to the next level. Not only will users be able to purchase, play and download new music, but also create, share and recommend playlists and comment on music and livestream audio and video.

Source: MusicAlly 2019

The app has already been developed and beta tested in India and Brazil, gaining 304% growth in its first year of operation. For context Spotify grew 38% in the same time period.

And TikTok will of course be using their famous algorithm, and recommending music in the more streamlined way as possible.

Why does this benefit musicians?

It's no surprise to artists to hear that if your song does well on TikTok, your streams increase off the back of that. By TikTok closing this loop and the stopping the need for users to leave the platform to listen to the track as a whole, this will most likely benefit artists more and more.