What is Spotify for Artists?

Comes With Fries
Apr 2021
CWF - Andrea & Emma Byford

In recent years, Spotify has dominated the streaming world across music and more recently, podcasts. With over 345 million regular listeners, the platform is credited for its ability to help artists connect with fans and build global communities of music lovers. When it comes to building a brand and making those authentic impressions, Spotify’s direct and personalised features create greater autonomy for every up-and-coming artist's new masterpiece. 

Spotify’s algorithm curates a carefully prescribed playlist of songs that it thinks would appeal to the listener’s ears. The platform has also ramped up its personalised editorial playlists by catering to each individual listener's tastes, meaning that no two playlists are the same. Tapping into Spotify’s ecosystem of playlists can be hugely beneficial to an artist’s presence on the platform so it’s important to set them up with the best possible chance to stand out from the crowd. 

For an artist, the trajectory of their music career can all be conveniently managed in one spot - Spotify for Artists. It provides them with the explorative means to discover who their audience are and how to strengthen their presence on the platform. In a nutshell, Spotify for Artists is your best friend when it comes to understanding and harnessing your power on Spotify. Some of its many tools include: 

Spotify Canvas

An eight-second looping art feature to accompany your latest tracks - a visual artwork! It's been said that a viewer is 5% more likely to follow-up with a new artists when they are exposed to the distinct aesthetics of these engaging artworks. Canvas also allows musicians to connect with a variety of visual designers to hash out their personal styles for these mesmerizing creations. They can be conveniently shared to other social media platforms (e.g. Instagram) and contain easy editing features to sync with a song. In addition, the impressions made by the views and clicks of these shares also contribute to an artists Spotify’s progress report . Speaking of….

Live Statistics

While working through their social hustle, artists can keep track of their development through the platform’s comprehensive self-coverage stat functions via Home page. This personal consultant outlines specific metric guides that illustrate their social exposure and digital growth; the frequency of shared posts, the types of fans listing in, chart rankings etc. These figures also practically heightens the interactive channels to engage with fans via the extended functions of Artist Pick and Fundraising Pick. 


To get ‘playlisted’ on the platform equals the opportunity to get discovered. This feature allows artists to submit their unreleased music to the Spotify’s editorial team for consideration in order to get tagged to the recommendation feeds of listeners. And even when an artist's releases are still in progress, they can still share their own playlist as a medium of discussion among their fanbase. 

So now you know just some of the many benefits of getting set up on Spotify for Artists. To strengthen your presence on Spotify, you may find the time comes when working with some social media and streaming gurus may be the next step you need to take. If you need a helping hand in learning how to add team members to your Spotify for Artists account, you can read our blog here