TikTok Livestream Best Practice

Comes With Fries
Jun 2021
Ash Minto and Toby Fry

TikTok is renowned for its short-form content but the platform’s live streaming capabilities are not something artists should ignore. Effectively using this feature on TikTok is easy to do and the results are huge! We experienced this with our very own client, Jessica Mauboy, during her NAIDOC Week live stream which reached almost 50 thousand people in just under an hour.  

Here are some steps you can can take to make sure your TikTok live streams are ticking all the boxes:

  1. Use computer software to increase the quality of your stream

Streaming from computer software, such as OBS Studio, means you can perfectly tailor your live stream experience, such as managing different video and audio sources. This means you can produce something that is much higher in quality than a smartphone. We’d encourage you to test your stream privately before going live for the first time so you’re well aware of your systems and set up. 

  1. Check your internet connection

A good internet connection is a must so that your live stream can run uninterrupted. Using your computer to stream will also allow for a more stable internet connection, even better if you connect via ethernet.  A live stream that buffers constantly and cuts in and out will just push those watching into clicking off the content - we all know how frustrating those are to watch!

Hot tip: Having a quiet space without any external, distracting sounds will also make the live stream experience more enjoyable so those tuned in can focus on what you have to offer.

  1. Prepare your setting

Having both of these lighting and your background set up perfectly is beneficial to capturing the attention of audiences who are just scrolling through TikTok at random. If the lighting and background is visually appealing, then your stream has a greater chance of being more engaging to these viewers and increasing the possibility of gaining new fans.

You could improve your set simply by using a cheap ring light from Kmart.  

  1. Promote your live stream across all social media platforms

Promoting content across platforms is always important for growing your audiences and the benefits never stop for live stream promotion. Why not try an Instagram Stories countdown or using the question stickers to encourage fans to ask anything and everything about the live stream? Ensuring you have an active dialogue with your audiences will generate excitement amongst fans, driving more traffic and keeping them engaged up to the day of the stream.

  1. Manage comments to engage your audience

By using a software like OBS, you’ll be able to manage and respond to comments with ease as your phone if freed up. Your audience may ask questions or suggest topics whilst viewing your stream so it’s important to be responsive and make your audience feel like they are a part of the experience. 

Here are some easy questions/interactions to ask to get started:

  • Where are you tuning in from?
  • Does anyone have a song request? 
  • Shoutout to users as they join the live stream or comment.

By being active and engaged, you will have more control over the live stream experience and it will encourage your viewers to stay tuned for longer.