The Official Powderfinger Quiz Documentary

Client Project
Apr 2021
Sydney Kinard

In 2020, we had the pleasure of working alongside Powderfinger, one of Australia’s most iconic rock bands, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album, Odyssey Number 5. As we prepared for this celebration, we knew that we needed to find a way to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways, keeping them entertained so that they build more loyalty to the band. Since it had been ten years since the band had broken up, community activation for anniversary week was crucial to Powderfinger’s overarching strategy. 

In collaboration with Quiz Meisters, we hosted an online trivia experience all about the band. This allowed the die-hard fans of Powderfinger to not only have a sense of community during an unprecedented time, but to also feel more connected to the band and share their knowledge of them. We ended up having 368 teams play, a total of 721 players, and over 16K views on the livestreams on Facebook. 

The event was loads of fun and became a night to remember. Different band members had their own segments and each segment allowed fans to get even more involved. Throughout the event, there were loads of comments stating how much they loved Powderfinger and how much they enjoyed this trivia night. This event hugely helped with engagement for Powderfinger as it tripled the normal rate and this was a sure sign that we had accomplished our goal for the event in terms of community activation and engagement. 

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