St. South - 'If Its Not You' Review

Artist projects
Mar 2020
Andy Tudehope

Perth’s Introverted, Introspective and innovative singer-songwriter, St South, is back with her second release of 2020, If It’s Not You featuring N.Y.C.K. In her follow up from January’s - Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud, St. South looks towards the emotions and turmoils associated with being left by the one you love. The fears and insecurities which arise from the unknown are the backbones of this track. 

Simplistic layering is a key feature within St. South's aesthetic. Arpeggiated synths and a steady hip hop beat provide the listener with the space to absorb the beautifully personal lyrics on not giving up on the one you love. It is an ode to the idea of true love and unwavering commitment. Self-love is key in the track as the artists highlight her process of insecurities and the idea of not blaming yourself in times when love seems hopeless. Instrumentation-wise this release is less captivating than what we have previously heard from the artist, however, the message and the maturity in the lyrics and soft gliding vocals take the listeners to a place of momentum and moving on.

If It’s Not You is a lo-fi anthem for the broken-hearted.