Nov 2020
CWF – Cooper

Have you ever thought “How in the world can I get access to Spotify Canvas?”, well now you can! The streaming giant recently announced its expansion for access to their Canvas feature as well as adding a new SoundBetter category to connect musicians with a curated community of visual artists. A massive change in the game as it allows for artists to increase engagement on platform and also increase share-ability on all social networks with your very ownmemorising loops. 

The joining of Spotify and SoundBetter (the world’s premier music production marketplace where singers, producers, songwriters, session musicians, and mixing and mastering engineers go to buy and sell the collaborative services that make music come to life) connects you with a graphic designer to work with in creating your vision!

“With these three to eight-second looping images that appear in the “Now Playing” view, artists can add a layer of unique branding to a new release or give older releases a visual refresh that will draw listeners in. In fact, we’ve been tracking the efficacy of adding a Canvas to a track in beta, and we’ve found that when listeners see a Canvas, they are more likely to keep streaming (+5% on average vs. control group), share the track (+145%), add it to their playlists (20%), save the track (+1.4%), and visit your profile page (+9%).” 

To learn more about Canvas, its specs, content policy, and to get inspiration for what your Canvases can look like, go to the Canvas site. To browse their curated marketplace of designers head to the SoundBetter category.


Spotify has now created a new and easy way to share personalised assets to use on all your promotional channels in 3 easy steps called Promo Card. It is a great platform that is very easy to use. All the promo cards look uniform to Spotify's brand and look very professional and stylish.

  1. Search for the content you want to promote

It will tell you to select either an artist or a podcaster. You can either have just the artist, album or a single song as the focus of the asset. 

  1. Customise the asset

It will then move on to the customisation stage, here it will give you 5 colour choices it feels is right for your asset. It will then move on to the size where you can choose from 3 sizes. Portrait, Landscape or Square.

  1. Download the card

Finally it will move onto sharing where you can download the file directly on your device, copy and paste the link that they provide at the bottom of the page or directly share to Twitter or Facebook.

Using this platform is really easy and makes your posts look uniform/ easy to read. What I also love about this platform is that the site is available in 4 different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German) making it very versatile and mostly universally accessible.

This platform is great for artists that are just starting out and don’t have that much content available to them, this is a quick and easy way to get the message out to their fans about a new single/album or even celebrate getting added to a playlist!

*Playlist Promo Cards are available for the following playlists: African Heat, Are & Be, Esquenta Sertanejo, Exitos Espana, Fresh Finds, Future Hits Latin, Hot Country, Hot Hits Australia, Hot Hits Canada, Hot Hits UK, Indigo, Just Good Music, Lorem, Mansion Reggaeton, Modus Mio, mint, Most Necessary, New Boots, New Music Friday, Radar, Pegao, POLLEN, Pop Rising, Rap Caviar, Rock This, Roots Rising, The New Alt, The Newness, Today’s Top Hits, Top Hits Deutschland, Top Hits Portugal, Viva Latino*

This is the link for anyone wishing to use this platform: Promo Cards

Hugo Basclain (Comes With Fries Client)