Comes With Fries Artists Make their Mark on Live at Enmore

Comes With Fries Artists Make their Mark on Live at Enmore

Jun 2021
Oliver Shute

For the past few years, Enmore Audio has collaborated with Happy Mag to produce a series of intimate live sessions featuring artists from around the country. Some of our very own artists have had the opportunity to bring their songs to the studio, resulting in incredible performances that we’ve conveniently compiled for you below!


Jaguar Jonze and her band (Joe Fallon on guitar, Aidan Hogg on bass, and Jacob Mann on the kit) performed an excellent version of ‘Murder’ that is driven by wavey synth pads, chugging drums and bass, fuzzy guitar, and Jonze’s dynamically diverse vocal (plus an intense flute solo, in case all the above wasn't enough).


Lawson Hull & Band give us a country-tinged indie bopper with syrupy lead guitar (courtesy of Mikhail Hofmann), lilting vocals from Lawson himself, and a rhythm section with undeniable precision (Tim McArtney and Charlie Finn).


Chymes showcased her effortlessly ethereal vocals in the Enmore Audio studio with her song ‘Death Wish’, alongside producer Cameron Taylor who laid down the bass line like a seasoned pro.


Harrison Storm’s stripped back and beautifully raw rendition of ‘Sea and Fire’ will have you chanting the chorus lyric along with him, and might leave you a bit misty-eyed after it's all over. 

We’d like to thank both Enmore Audio and Happy Mag for providing a space for artists to open up about their songs and perform them in a completely different light. You (the listener) can get to know the artists you love a little more personally without having to leave the comfort of your home.