Instagram Launches 'Reels'

Aug 2020
Emma Byford - CWF (Author)

Instagram has just launched a new feature on the app called Instagram Reels. Reels allow users to engage in ‘a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram’ and is now available in the UK and 50 other countries.

If you haven't already watched some, check out one of Confidence Man's here:

Similar to TikTok, the new feature enables users to publish 15 second multi-clip videos which can include audio, effects and brand new creative tools and we predict that Reels will be a great way to share and discover new music through the platform. Reels can be then shared amongst followers on stories and feed posts or, with a public account, Reels have the possibility of reaching a much wider audience, with popular videos being featured in the Explore page. Whilst Reels will appear above IGTV in the search page, there will remain a focus on IGTV on the platform.

Creating Reels 

Users can create a Reel by swiping to select ‘Reels’ at the bottom of the Instagram camera screen. They can be created by recording real time videos or by uploading existing videos from the users’ personal gallery. Once they’re ready to create their Reel, they will have access to a number of creative tools to make their videos more entertaining. These creative tools are: 

  • Audio
  • AR Effects
  • Timer and Countdown 
  • Align 
  • Speed 

Before publishing their Reel, users will be able to see the final draft of the Reel before making any edits and sharing it with the world! As with other Instagram features, Reels can include captions, a cover image, tagging capabilities and hashtags (we recommend using 3 - 5 hashtags). 

Watching Reels

Dependant on how the Reels are published, they can be viewable on Stories, the Explore feed and on the new Reels tab on user profiles. They can also be sent directly as a DM - so there really are many ways to reach large audiences!

The Explore page will allow Instagram users to discover creative, original content that is trending worldwide. If your creation is chosen to feature on on the Explore feed, Instagram will send you a notification to let you know. So, why not give it a go? Get creative, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun! You never know, your Reel could be trending on the Explore page before you know it..