How To: Unlock Spotify for Artists

Comes With Fries
Apr 2021
Suzi Yaghmoor

Spotify for Artists is one of the most crucial platforms you have as a musician. It is here that you can pitch for playlists, see your analytics and create Spotify Canvas videos. It is where a majority of people will listen to/discover your music, so it is imperative that you make a great first impression.

A big part of this grand first impression is on-boarding team members like managers and social media gurus to your account. With a great team you are sure to present an excellent Spotify page, but the question remains; How do I give access to my team members?

Not to fear! Follow our step by step guide to adding team members to your Spotify account and you’ll be fine.

Spotify For Artists

  1. Open Spotify For Artists
  2. Click the three dots next to your artist picture in the left hand corner
  3. You will see a  ‘Manage Team’ option - Click that.
  4. Select ‘Invite’ from the right hand corner and enter your team member’s details. 

There are three levels of access you can provide a team member on Spotify. These include:

  • Full Access: This will allow your team member to edit your artist profile, view your stats, and invite new team members. These people can also access other team members' email addresses and can view everyone within the team.
  • Edit Access: Team members with edit access can update profile information and view stats.
  • View Access:This allows team members to view your stats.

Make sure you review each team member's access carefully and only provide the level they would be best suited to.