What is BeReal?

What is BeReal?

Jun 2022
Connie Rose

Over the past couple of years, the need for off-the-cuff, organic content has become paramount to not just musicians and their fans, but to all social media users. It started with TikTok and now BeReal has entered the game.

BeReal now has over 2.93 million daily active users, up by 29,200% percent in the last year. The app is currently available in most European countries and in the US, where it is the 10th most popular social media app on the App Store.

But what is this new social media platform and how can artists make the most of this platform?

What is BeReal?

It's a fun, spontaneous, "in the moment" social app. The platform invites users once a day to take a photo at the same time with both their front and back camera. Every user receives a simultaneous notification to post at a certain time. This time will vary each day and you only have 2 minutes to take your image, otherwise it's marked as late. You'll also need to share an image in order to see what other's have posted. Your image is then shared on a feed with your friends and you can react to people's images with a selfie of your face or comment on what you see.

What's different about BeReal to other social media platforms?

Because the app is set up to encourage spontaneous, unfiltered sharing, it gives people an honest demonstration of what your life is really like. No filters, no scheduled posts, no showing off, just real. We're all familiar with the negative mental impacts of social media in this day-and-age, so it's great to see an app celebrate the ordinary in such a fun and engaging way.

How can artists use BeReal?

BeReal is a closed app currently, aka only your friends and people you accept can see what you're sharing, so this isn't your normal social media app. It is however a great place to share behind-the-scenes and a more personal look at what you're up to, whether that's in the studio, touring or at home cooking dinner.

It's also always better to be at the forefront of a new trend or app, rather than playing catch up. We've seen an immense growth in BeReal's daily active users so we're confident this app isn't going anywhere.

All-in-all we'd really recommend artists and fans alike to jump on BeReal. It's a fun app that's bringing a different tone to the world of social media.