Gabriella Cohen - 'Blue No More' Media Wins

Gabriella Cohen - 'Blue No More' Media Wins

Client Project
Mar 2022
Oli Shute

Gabriella Cohen’s third full-length album ‘Blue No More’ is really something to behold. Encapsulating the strength of her songwriting, it radiates the warmth of a mid-summer day via tracks that ebb and flow, ranging from high energy doo-wop-pop to softly-sung, sleepy acoustic ballads. 

The Comes With Fries Team had the pleasure of working alongside Gabriella on the album campaign, landing some solid wins and helping shine a light on this dazzling body-of-work. In terms of media, it was our intention to build a cadence that hit all key outlets in the Australian music landscape, from single to single, culminating in a digital footprint for the album that gave Gabriella a range of content and angles. From the first single, ‘Frangelico Dreams’, to album release day, here’s a summary of the process:


Frangelico Dreams is an upbeat anthem inspired by Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. It garnered a premiere and playlist add from Music Feeds, Au Review’s ‘Track of the Week’, a Rage feature, and Happy Mag interview.

“Gabriella Cohen revives vintage rock’n’roll on ‘Frangelico Dreams’” - Music Feeds

The second single ‘I Just Got So High’ is a groovy number that boasts a raucous electric guitar solo you have to hear for yourself. It attracted attention from Rolling Stone who deemed it a ‘Song You Need to Know’, Under The Radar gave it a feature, KCRW highlighted it on ‘Global Beat Australia’, and Music Feeds solidified their support with another playlist addition. 

“‘I Just Got So High’ channels the indie pop and rock style that Cohen has become known for, pairing it with slick bass and her soulful vocals to turn it into an instant anthem that feels custom made for late nights and long summer days.” - Rolling Stone

Then came ‘Just For The Summer’; a cheerful indie-pop gem detailing a summer romance, followed by ‘But I Wanted To’ that oozes retro-bluesy-goodness. Some wins that Comes With Fries acquired for these two, include an Under The Radar feature, Tone Deaf ‘One Take’, and Music Feeds premiere.

About ‘Just For The Summer’, Under The Radar said: “It’s a vibrant pop delight, with Cohen’s talent for bright melody and heavenly harmonies hitting instantly catchy heights.”


The saga came to a close with the release of ‘Blue No More’ in its entirety, an exciting day for the team that entailed a long list of achievements: Rolling Stone / BRAG ‘Record of the Week’, Women In Pop interview, NME review + feature, Amnpify feature, Audio Femme feature, and Happy Mag ‘Track by Track’

“‘Blue No More’ is so fresh and bright, you can almost taste the salty air and sense the sun’s rays reflecting off the vast ocean. There’s a spaciousness to the instrumentation and harmonies on these 10 songs, but Cohen’s voice sounds intimately close. She’s a breath away from kissing your ear.” - NME

Our radio strategy for the singles and album involved prioritising key radio stations and specific shows that were aligned with Gabriella’s aesthetic. These contacts were kept in the loop during radio pitching campaigns, which bore fruit. All singles gained heavy rotation at stations like Double J, Triple J Unearthed, Triple R, 2SER, Southern FM, Edge Radio and SYN FM. Three out of four singles landed top 5 placement on AMRAP’s Metro Chart, and interviews were aired at 2SER, Phoenix Radio (UK), and Southern FM.

We managed to reach over 70,000 people with our ads on socials, creating excitement and anticipation throughout the overall campaign. Meanwhile, we sought out brand partnerships with Barney Cools, Fender, and Levi’s for their summer collection. 

It was such a positive experience working with Gabriella! We can’t wait for the next batch of songs, which will be sure to impress.

Go and listen to ‘Blue No More’ now and bask in the glory that is Gabriella Cohen!