Fries' Faves 2020

Comes With Fries
Dec 2020
CWF - Emma Byford

Oh 2020, what year you've been. There are so many things that this year will be remembered for but, not wanting to focus on the c-word, we’ve had a look back on the year and want to remember, celebrate and share some of the incredible music and creativity that has come out of 2020. So here it is, the Fries’ Faves 2020: 

Alex's top picks: 

Watch ‘Gold’ by Hi Frisco here.

  • Favourite New Artist/Artist you discovered this year: Vegyn - nothing like a bit of unconventional beat making for breakfast
  • Favourite Album: Caribou - Suddenly - an emotional rollercoaster... im over here, now im over there and now im somewhere else.
  • Favourite Music Video: Hi Frisco - Gold - Becasue it took me 300 hours of hand drawn animation!
  • Favourite AR Filter: Devora - Scorpion Filter - creepy, dark and super twisted!
  • One to watch for 2021: b-ahwe - that voice!

Alice's faves: 

Listen to Working Men’s Club’s self-titled debut album here

  • Favourite New Artist/Artist you discovered this year: Hi Frisco - if Tears for Fears and Tame Impala had a baby. 
  • Favourite Album: Working Men's Club debut album - it bangs. 
  • Favourite AR Filter: The Tiña pink cowboy hat we made 🤠

Andy's 'What's Hot':

Check out Spark Master Tape here.

  • Favourite New Artist/Artist you discovered this year: Spark Master Tape is a rapper who is creating some seriously big beats that are quite tasty. 
  • Favourite Album: Yellow Days - A Day in a Yellow Beat. From the features to the way it moves through psych, RNB and soul I think this album is just great.
  • Favourite Music Video: Neil Francis - On the Lookout. I love the band and I love the location of this shoot. I think it fits really well with the song and has a lot of personality
  • Favourite AR Filter: Ibis one for Aus music t-shirt day. A quintessentially Australian piece of work made by an Englishman. It's perfect. 
  • One to watch for 2021: Cooper Parsons. Two amazing singles for 2020 and I can only imagine it getting better in 2021.

Ash loved:

Listen to ‘Falling’ by Hugo Basclain here

  • Favourite New Artist/Artist you discovered this year: Hotel - an absolute bop debut from one of our very own fries! 
  • Favourite Album: Unreleased by Powderfinger - From being a fan at 3 years old to working on their campaigns 20 years later, Powderfinger have been a huge highlight in my year. 
  • Favourite Music Video: Tokyo Femme - Kennedy One. It's the first music video I've directed!
  • Favourite AR Filter: Confidence Man's "How Hot Are You?" filter for First Class Bitch Groove Armada remix - because who doesn't love a sassy af filter?
  • One to watch for 2021: Hugo Basclain - Major pop prince on the up and coming! 

Coops' no.1s: 

Play Powderfinger’s AR Filter game on their Instagram page here

  • Favourite New Artist/Artist you discovered this year: Skeleten – having only released two singles in 2020, ‘Mirrored’ hooked me straight in and instantly placed at the top for my favourite new Australian artist. 
  • Favourite Album: The Slow Rush by Tame Impala – incredibly unique and beautifully crafted from Australia’s biggest export. Love ya Kev. 
  • Favourite AR Filter: Powderfinger’s Guitar Hero AR Filter Game! Everyone loves a bit of guitar hero fun, especially when you have to use your nose for a pick!
  • One to watch for 2021: KALI – The debut release ‘Back to the Start' from our Nettwerk family is quite possibly the catchiest indie-rock I’ve heard all year! She’s also only 16 years old… 

Emma's 10/10s: 

Watch ‘Dreamland’ by Glass Animals here

  • Favourite New Artist/Artist you discovered this year: Katy J Pearson. After many Shazams from BBC Radio 6, I finally looked up Katy J Pearson and I’m so glad I did. She’s become one of my favourite artists and her debut album, ‘Return’ is a masterpiece. 
  • Favourite Album: Suddenly - Caribou. Alex might have also claimed this as his favourite album but my Spotify Wrapped results would suggest that I’m definitely the bigger fan. 
  • Favourite Music Video: Dreamland - Glass Animals. In the thick of the fist lockdown, Glass Animals’ frontman Dave Bayel became a man of many talents by creating the entire video in his flat. Set designer, casting director, camera operator; you name it, he did it.
  • One to watch for 2021: Working Men’s Club. After an incredible year including the release of their debut album, WMC have got some big things lined up for 2021 including supporting New Order and Hot Chip in Heaton Park. They’re only just getting started.

Van rated:

Listen to Garret Kato's album here.

  • Favourite New Artist/Artist you discovered this year: KALI – Lo-fi, Indie goodness. Showing us all how it’s done at 16 years old.  
  • Favourite Album: Garrett Kato’s Hemisphere – Following on from a two part EP, Garrett’s music has been a constant companion all year.  His songwriting draws you in and his music allows you to dream away.    
  • Favourite Music Video: ‘One Night Lonely’ Powderfinger.  40 minutes, 90,000 viewers, over $500,000 raised for Support Act and Beyond Blue.  A moment that united fans everywhere through a unique video premiered live via YouTube. Currently over 850k views and counting.
  • Favourite AR Filter: Cry Club’s God I’m Such A Mess Filter! I’ve always known I was born in the wrong era and this filter just confirmed it!
  • One to watch for 2021: Devora through Tony Hoffer’s new Co-op label with PIAS. Get ready for the dark wild west with this outlaw!