Facebook is changing: here's everything you need to know

Comes With Fries
Sep 2021
Alyssa Yang

On Tuesday, April 27, 2021 Facebook began rolling out new ad measurement protocols following the release of Apple’s iOS 14. The iOS 14 update restricts the way apps collect user data unless the user opts in, which means that Facebook can no longer track user behaviour. If you’re using a Facebook Pixel to optimise and target audiences, you’re now unable to depend on the accuracy of the conversion data. This will affect the way you advertise on mobile devices and across the web, especially with personalised ads and target audiences. 

Here are some ways you can minimise that disruption:

1. Verify your domain

Anyone who advertises on Facebook needs to verify their domain. Verified link owners will now have the ability to overwrite link metadata when creating link page posts, and only verified domains have the option to assign permissions to specific Facebook pages connected to your Business Manager. 

2. Prioritise your event conversions

Another change to the iOS 14 update, is that ad events will also become limited to eight events for each domain. You’ll be able to swap these events around after the initial setup though. 

3. Update to Facebook’s SDK for iOS 14 version 8.1

To continue to receive app conversion events reporting, updating to Facebook’s SDK for iOS 14 8.1 assists to personalise ads sent to iOS 14 users. Facebook’s SDK for iOS 14 version 8.1 currently enables measurement for app install ads. You’ll be unable to create iOS 14 app install campaigns if you use the Facebook SDK for iOS but do not update to version 8.0 or higher. 

According to Facebook’s Business Help Center, updating to the latest Facebook SDK can help you with: 

  • Delivering more personalized ads to iOS 14.5 and later users.
  • Continuing to measure app install ads.
  • Assisting to optimize for mobile app installs, app event optimization (AEO) and value optimization (VO).
  • Continuing to optimize for app installs and event optimization with Automated App Ads.
  • Sending the Advertiser Tracking Enabled flag with app events to share user consent status.
  • Share app events from iOS 14.5 and later users if the Advertiser Tracking Enabled flag is sent and set to true.

4. Consider alternate ways to build your audience

Since you’re unable to use Facebook Pixel to track user behaviour, it’s now time to find alternative ways to build a target audience. A great idea is to optimise your Current Audiences, and begin to move away from data tracking. 

We know, these changes are huge and might be frustrating, but it’s a great chance to update your marketing strategies and move forward into the future.

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