Adapting To Adversity Like Only A Jaguar Can

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Nov 2020
CWF - Andy Tudehope

The way one handles themselves when they are faced with adversity is an extremely telling sign of character. There are many responses which one can adopt. You can hide away from the world and roll up into a ball or, you can run at the issue head on or you can take the approach of Deena Lynch and immerse yourself in so many creative pursuits and endeavours that you turn something that initially seemed bad into something truly great. 

With such a wild year being thrust upon us, Jaguar Jonze has gone from strength to strength, not choosing to rest on one creative outlet or endeavour she has made 2020 her own. We take a look back at some of her biggest moments. 

COVID 19 and Back Again 

It seems that the only sentence people have been able to say this year is that these are unprecedented times. There's been civil wars, floods, fires and airborne diseases. When March rolled around and we were all locked inside for days on end, Deena was heading back from the U.S after preparing for SXSW which was canceled only days before. On her way home she caught COVID-19 and was faced with weeks of quarantining and self isolation as she was assisted by doctors through zoom calls. 

In what would have been something that would have broken the spirit of many, Deena instead became the face of Covid 19 in the music industry in Australia. She used this time to educate others on the importance of isolation and safe hygiene practices. She made it a relatable issue to younger people through her own experiences. 

The Music Rolled On

Early 2020 saw Jaguar Jonze release her highly anticipated EP - Diamonds and Liquid Gold, a 6-track body of work that featured singles such as Rabbit Hole and Kill Me With Your Love. 

With all singles in the lead up added to Triple J rotation and media coverage world wide, the EP was followed up with latest singles Deadalive and Murder which will be apart of a new highly conceptual EP set for release in early 2021, that is accompanied by some highly immersive artworks and visuals all curated by Jaguar Jonze.


2020 has seen Deena Lynch, immerse herself in brand collaborations and modelling campaigns with some of the most interesting brands in the world today. In October, a partnership with Reebok and their #notyourprincess campaign saw Deena be one of three faces of the new look for the iconic shoe brand. If that wasn’t enough, she finished the year with a perfectly beautiful campaign with internationally known fashion brand Christian Louboutin. Both campaigns were shared around the world and are a sign of things to come from the powerhouse. 

#Metoo Australia

Jaguar Jonze this year used her social platforms as a way to offer support and tell all who cared to listen that they were not alone when it came to assault, sexual mistreatment in the music industry and beyond. This support offering opened the floodgates for hundreds of cases to be revealed of sexual misconduct in the australian music industry and kick started the conversation on speaking up and not letting this kind of behaviour go on. Through her strength she offered it to others and began a movement of change.  

It has been a huge 2020 for Deena Lynch and we can’t see 2021 being any smaller!