TikTok Spark Ads Explained

Comes With Fries
Oct 2021
Arya Hora

TikTok recently launched their new Spark Ads feature, which opens the door to a world of new connections between brands, creators and the community as a whole. The feature gives brands the opportunity to scout creators with content that boosts their name, presence, and publicity. 

Brands can pick and choose existing videos all across the app, and leverage them for the purpose of advertisement. This is TikTok’s way of encouraging artists to produce organic videos instead of typical algorithmic advertisements! All of this ensures that artists have a surefire way to accumulate views and form connections with the greater TikTok community.

The platform has decided against placing restrictions on the content length of these Spark Ads, essentially granting brands full creative control to customize their marketing goal. TikTok hopes to bring a long-lasting marketing impact through these ads; paid video views will be added to organic video views on the video page. It’s up to the creators to authorize their videos for promotional use, which creates some form of an agreement with a brand. 

Once creators agree to the advertising terms of service, they generate the video code, meaning they select a period to authorize a post for use by third-party advertisers. They can choose between durations of 7, 30, or 60 days. Brands then enter the code into the TikTok ad manager, and they’re good to go! 

This is the start of the new age of advertising on the world’s hottest social network and artists should be jumping on this new feature.